What does one do when the seller of a home takes their time on getting the furniture out!! Is that really the problem for the new owners?

Furniture and personal belongings of the Sellers that are on the land, and in the house, should be removed before the closing of the property. Generally speaking, the Buyers want everything out of the house then swept and clean. Sometimes the Buyers are interested in purchasing some of the items or hoping the sellers will leave everything behind in exchange for removing the sellers unwanted items like old mattress, tires, clothes, paint cans, furniture, rugs, books, etc.

The day of the Closing, the Buyers do a walk through to make sure the house is left in the condition the Sellers and Buyers agreed upon. If it’s not, the Buyers have the right to not close or work with the Seller and both their attorneys to put money into escrow with a written agreement and completion date. If the terms of the agreement are not completed by the agreed date the money in the escrow goes to the Buyers. As you can see, furniture and belongings that are left behind can hold up Closings.


  • You can then choose to pay someone to empty the house ranges or you can do it yourself.
  • Goodwill or Salvation Army will pick up boxed items and furniture if they are out of the house and at the curb of the road.
  • Be prepared. The items that need to be thrown out may cost you more than expected.
  • Bulk charges at the transfer station add up.
  • For example, Kent’s Transfer Station charges are: $150 for the year Permit – $10 per mattress, sleeper couch $20, couch $10, exercise equipment $0-? It may be able to go into metal container and cost nothing. Many of the Transfer Stations don’t take tires. Some tire business’s will take them for a fee. D & S Auto charges $4 + (and don’t forget to tip them).
  • Another alternative is renting a dumpster, which starts at $249.


If you are selling your house start removing unwanted items. Empty out those drawers and closets. If you haven’t used it in the last two years, give it away. Less packing when its time to move!