House Styles

19th C VICTORIAN: Gothic

GOTHIC | 1840-1880: 

These buildings feature arches, pointed windows and other details borrowed from medieval Gothic cathedrals.

When Queen Victoria ascended to the throne of England in the 1830s, new style houses began replacing the Saltbox, Cape Cod, Georgian and Federal homes built in America by the English Colonists from the mid-1600s through the early 1800s. The Victorian architectural period, which predominated for about 75 years, ended with Queen Victoria’s demise in 1901. During that period, a number of different styles emerged, as architects, tired of the restrained and boring characteristics of architecture based on classic Roman and Greek buildings, sought to express their creativity. The public’s taste for fanciful structures, led architects to create houses that fed people’s fascination with the romance of the medieval past.

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